Model: BK-878L2


Soldering Station BK-878L2 is used by the brushless fan, closed loop of transducer and Mcu intelligent drive with LCD display. The increase of temperature is very quickly, better for shield box and PCB.

1. BK-878L2 is suitable for unsoldering multiple components, such as SOIC, CHIP, QFP. PLCC and BGA and so on.
2. It’s especially for flat cables and cable connectors.
3. It’s applicable for hot contraction, heating, depainting, degluing, defrosting, preheating and rubber soldering etc.

Model: BK-878L2
Type: Two LED digital display
Power consumption: 750W
Blower fan: Brushless fan
Amount of wind: 120L/M(MAX)
Temperature scope: 100°C~450°C
Discharge feature: LED digital display
Handle length: 120cm
Size: 13.8cm(h)*10cm(w)*15cm(l)


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